Friday, May 7, 2010

settling in

phew! it's been quite a month. the move went well and we are in the house. although there is still some work being done which has prevented us from unpacking and feeling settled, but it's happening. slowly. thank you for all of your well wishes! now i can take some time and catch up on my blog reading, i feel so out of the loop!

of course, i had to start unpacking my fabric and such. pulling it all out of boxes and the plastic containers i had been using in our old place, i've realized that i may have a problem. a serious fabric problem. oh well. it could be worse right? it's been nice because i am discovering fabrics that i forgot i had! i have had so much joy in folding, sorting, stacking, washing, pressing and color coding my fabric. is that weird?

i've also started working again on some animals. it's been a while. i have a couple of new designs in my mind, now it's just a matter of sorting out some space and getting down to drafting patterns. but i've said that before. sometimes it's hard to get into the groove of something new, don't you agree?


mon ami said...

Oh my goodness your sewing room looks like such a magical place!

Happy un-packing.

lesley [smidgebox] said...

oh yay! kate, it looks so serene and bright and beautiful. you are not alone, i am absolutely fabric crazy, as i'm sure you know. i LOVE the look of my fabrics all folded + stacked in colours. i can't wait til we reno our kitchen, and i get to separate the colours even further, like yours. it looks great!!

can't wait to see the new goodies :)

Pinecone Camp said...

Can I come over for a crafting day? I still need to get on my "crocheting"!
Love the room!

kristin said...

looks lovely! so bright + white! glad to hear your move went well - have fun rediscovering your fabric (what problem?) :)