Monday, July 12, 2010

this past week

snippets from this past week when i wasn't working on multiple animal orders.

planted many things in our backyard including lavender

ate scrambled eggs with goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes and basil three times

caught a vancouver canadians ball game (complete with a hot dog and beer)

saw so many pretty shadows from the tree in the front of the house

wore my new shoes that were a birthday present


Pinecone Camp said...

Can you come over and make me breakfast? Love the shoes!

cranberry cottage said...

you must have really enjoyed the eggs! the shadows are pretty neat too! I like seeing real snippets of people's lives!

Shereen de Rousseau Jewellery said...

love they new shoes!!! who had such fabulous taste to choose those for you? Happy Birthday! Lets have a glass of wine when I'm back to celebrate.

stephanie renee said...

i love your new shoes!

Kim Hart said...

that food looks so yummy!