Monday, October 4, 2010


we are back from our relaxing vacation in waikiki. well, sometimes i don't find waikiki itself particularly relaxing since it can be quite busy, but our hotel always is and we made sure not to do too much of anything other than eat and drink.

drinking the best mai tai's (see this post) and watching kanoe miller dance the hula at our hotel.

view of diamond head as the sun was setting. (and trying not to torch my hair.)

our view of the spectacular pool and beach.
oh it's always so hard to leave..


considered design said...

*dreamy* looks amazing kate, not sure I could've left!

Pinecone Camp said...

Looks incredible! Must check out this hotel next time we go to Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

I think this must be the Sheraton. I was there earlier this year. What a nice spot.

Vintage Home said...

..Great shot of Diamond HEad!...Iconic shot!