Wednesday, May 26, 2010

well that was quick.

i finished this quilt posthaste since the baby shower it was going to was bumped up by about a month. i'm very happy with how it turned out! my friend (who commissioned the quilt) picked out the fabrics with me and they are both welcoming and soothing for a new little girl. gotta love that amy butler!

this quilt is very similar to the one i made for baby scarlet although the color palette has changed and i switched up how i did the back. i still went with my own pattern, i think this qualifies as a sort of coin quilt, and i'm hoping to hone it a little each time i use it. i hope it keeps baby olivia cozy and happy!

ps- thank you for all of your words of support! it really helps when you are tackling something that is still new, this is my third quilt! and for those that think they can't sew or make one, i am certain you can. i can't really sew either! the fun is in the doing. trust me. go for it.

Friday, May 21, 2010

pillow inspiration

i can't remember where i saw this picture (if anyone knows please let me know and i will credit them) but i love the colors and great vintage prints. i keep staring at this image thinking 'i should be there, with a mojito in hand.'

i have so many pillow forms kicking around (that i pick up with the intentions of making covers for), but i've never gotten around to it. perhaps this will be the summer that i finally get around to trying it. anyone have a great (read 'easy') pillow cover pattern?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010


(the deck chair in the top photo is my latest obsession. made completely by hand by my friends gwyn and tamra, they are as gorgeous as they are comfortable. you can purchase a chair or two on their website or from their etsy shop.)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

on their way

this little pack of animals is headed to the design exchange (canada's only national design museum) in toronto. they are launching a re-designed brick and mortar store this month. i wish i could be there to check it out! (and sneak in a visit with my family and friends .......)

they also have a small, online shop and a blog where they showcase some pretty great canadian design. i was so flattered to be included here. thank you anne marie!

Friday, May 7, 2010

settling in

phew! it's been quite a month. the move went well and we are in the house. although there is still some work being done which has prevented us from unpacking and feeling settled, but it's happening. slowly. thank you for all of your well wishes! now i can take some time and catch up on my blog reading, i feel so out of the loop!

of course, i had to start unpacking my fabric and such. pulling it all out of boxes and the plastic containers i had been using in our old place, i've realized that i may have a problem. a serious fabric problem. oh well. it could be worse right? it's been nice because i am discovering fabrics that i forgot i had! i have had so much joy in folding, sorting, stacking, washing, pressing and color coding my fabric. is that weird?

i've also started working again on some animals. it's been a while. i have a couple of new designs in my mind, now it's just a matter of sorting out some space and getting down to drafting patterns. but i've said that before. sometimes it's hard to get into the groove of something new, don't you agree?