Monday, January 31, 2011


whoa, after a long, somewhat unintentional blog break i have finally logged back on. i hope everyone had a lovely holiday break and the new year is off to a wonderful start!

mine is, and to add to it, i just managed to score my own calendar for 2011. whoohoo! i was a little slow in december, but after much stalking, i just noticed that janis just posted a couple more calendars in her shop.
each month highlights one of her beautiful photographs and is sent with a colored bulldog clip of your choice ( i chose aqua). i'm also happy that the image for my birthday month is one of my favorite shots, peter's ford. perfect! i can't wait to hang it in my work space.
get yours here.
(photos by janis nicolay)


Pinecone Camp said...

Kate you are too sweet. Thanks so much for your support!

kristin said...

beautiful calendar + beautiful photos!!