Tuesday, April 12, 2011

palm springs

first off, thank you so much for your sweet comments and emails about our gal sara. it's still quite hard to get used to the new routine, but it was really lovely to hear such kind words about her, thank you.
we are now back from a little getaway to palm springs. it was perfect, exactly what we needed! also, it was SO much better then our last trip there a couple of years ago. without getting into it too much, let's just say that anything that could have gone wrong, did. i'm talking a fight on the airplane, unseasonably cold weather, a car accident, the flu, cockroaches, massive wind storms causing power outages on christmas day, terrible chinese food for christmas dinner, there is more but that should be for another post....

this trip was perfect though. thank you palm springs. we stayed at the ace hotel and thoroughly enjoyed our room with a private outdoor patio. in fact, we spent most of our time there when at the hotel. every meal was eaten there.

i spent hours watching the hummingbirds sit and fly about the tree (a blue palo verde) along with bees. they were so active and there were so many of them! on our last morning, one flew directly to eye level and hovered there, staring, as i finished my breakfast. at night we sat by the fire stargazing while eating banana toffee pie (no picture of that, gone too soon!)

we went to the palm springs art museum to take in the amazing exhibit they had on about donald wexler and saw the baldessari exhibit as well. they also have a pretty great permanent collection with an amazing mix of everything from nara (the dog is much bigger in person then i had thought) to chagall to navajo rugs. loved all of it.

we went on a driving tour to check out some of the mid century homes in the area, many of which were wexler designed steel homes. amazing. they are still so timeless and beautiful. oh, how incredible it would be to have one as your getaway home. nice to dream isn't it?

we also saw the elvis honeymoon home or 'the house of tomorrow' which it clearly was, i mean, just look at it! the website has great pictures of the inside set to some groovy music to really set the mood.

the weather was also cooperating on this trip, it was sunny and hot but there was a nice breeze most of the time and the nights were perfect. which was a blessing since i am running a little hot these days, being 26 weeks pregnant. this was our last little getaway probably until after the baby is born this summer, although i am now looking forward to going back there with a little one, so much more fun in the pool!

( a few more pics here)


Diana said...

Um, haven't really seen you in a while Kate! Holy moley! Like 20 weeks maybe? At least now we have a measure of how long it's been. What a bump!

We should get together and eat lots of yummy food. I'm working on a bump too but there's no one inside mine.

Pinecone Camp said...

Kate you look beautiful! I love the "house of tomorrow". I want to go to there!

Theresa said...

Kate, you look beautiful!!! I would love to see you soon!

lesley [smidgebox] said...

congrats, kate! how exciting. you look lovely, and so happy. enjoy the last couple months before the wee one arrives, and then enjoy those moments even more so!!