Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a first!

it was my husband's birthday last week and i thought that perhaps it was time that i actually baked a cake (after all my talk back way back when, and even after this cake-i barely had anything to do with it!)
my first cake!! it was a guinness cake, which i thought fitting since he loves the dark stout, with cocoa and a cream cheese frosting to resemble the frothy head of a pint of guinness.

from this recipe (which i think is actually a recipe from nigella but slightly re-worded.)

once it was finished i thought it could use a little dressing up, so inspired by the fabrics i've been using lately (for the aforementioned quilt) i made a few mini flags. using pinking shears, regular old glue and a few bamboo skewers they were ready in about 30 minutes (drying time included).

it was rich and tasty and fun to do for him. happy birthday!!


Claudia said...

what??? your first cake??? but I don't understand! cakes are so wonderful :) you need to make cake every week...ah ah ah. love the cute little decorations!

so, are you going to have an Alice?


It doesn't get much more impressive than this - can hardly believe it's your first cake! Love the little flags...
Bet it was a hit!

Now you've set the bar so high, you know you'll have to produce the goods next birthday?!

kristin said...

beautiful cake! i planned on making this same cake for my husband's birthday - but didn't! maybe next year - it looks amazing :)

golden dove design said...

Very cute. I have been wanting to make a cake with a similar decoration- like those garlands on the cakes?!
I'm sure my boyfriend would love a Guinness cake. Very cool!

Jan | Poppytalk said...

great cake for a guy - i've never heard of it. that icing looks so delicious! i bet he loved it!

Pinecone Camp said...

Kate, it was bloody delicious! Well done!

Elizabeth@doievenlikethis said...

Where did you come by the recipe? It sounds divine.

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