Friday, June 17, 2011

makin' stuff

i made a receiving blanket a little while ago for the baby out of some  nani iro double gauze and backed it with some robert kaufman flannel. really easy to make and i think it will look nice in her stroller. (and keep her warm!!)

i also made a few baby rattles from a pattern in this book. they were quick and fun too. it's a great book and there are some clothing patterns like a simple dress and bloomers that i wouldn't mind trying, once i get up the nerve. i've never sewn any clothes before and it intimidates me. has anyone else made anything from that book? any tips?

happy weekend!


Claudia said...

I made a few things from the book. I can't wait to make thee little dress (and I will use the same nani iro that you have...I made a dress for me in that material a few years ago but I don't think that I will ever fit in it so I will use the fabric for Alice).

Pinecone Camp said...

Kate, those look adorable!Good think you made that warm and cozy blanket for the bambino. It is bloody cold!

Jan | Poppytalk said...

lucky little girl! those are adorable!

Diana said...

Those are so cute! What makes them rattle? One day I'm going to sew something. Like a napkin.

And start sewing clothes! You can do it!

kate / tinywarbler said...

thanks ladies!
diana, there is a little bell nestled inside them to make them rattle.
and napkins are good! i'd like to sew some for summer eating outside.