Tuesday, October 18, 2011


we planted a tomato plant in may, perhaps a little late? it was called 'lemon boy'. i was really looking forward to fresh tomatoes all summer but we had such a lousy one, that this was our bounty from the plant.

yup. this little bowl of four, small tomatoes. picked on the weekend.
thanks summer.

has anyone else had any luck with this type? i loved the name and had high hopes.

(in all fairness, it could also have something to do with our exposure, and that we didn't water it super regularly once the baby was born. but i think i'll still blame summer.)

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Diana said...

We planted tomatoes super early (like April!) but then they didn't do too well either. We got maybe 40 cherry tomatoes in all.

I agree on the name being cool though - Lemon Boy. It sounds like a tomato that Huckleberry Finn would eat.