Tuesday, November 22, 2011

liberty bibs

i purchased a liberty baby bib kit from purl months ago when i was pregnant with the intent to have some bibs ready for her arrival. nope. didn't happen. turned out ok because a newborn doesn't really need a bib. now that she is 3.5 months and in the beginning stages of teething, yup, she needs bibs!
i made two out of the four and i'm really pleased with how easy they were and how they turned out. plus i now have the pattern and can make more. i already have some gingham fabric set aside, and maybe some the new lotta.

i'm also happy to be using some great bibs that were given as gifts. thank you lindsay and nikki and sonja! she is really putting them all to good use!


Sonja Poller said...

Cute bibs Kate. Love the fabric choice, makes me want to sew.

leslie said...

homemade bibs are the best. alice will look lovely in them!

kristin said...

oh these are lovely! these bibs have been on my mind - a friend just had a baby [she's too small for a dress!] + this would be a perfect gift. great fabric choices.