Monday, November 14, 2011


i got this airplant over the weekend and it's pink! love it. i can't stop touching it.

when the light is brighter it is a lighter shade of pink and when the clouds roll overhead it's a little darker. (or maybe it's all in my head since i keep staring at it....) i've had an airplant in my kitchen for months now and it is still thriving so i have high hopes for this one. (that one is green and burgundy)

i love it.
have i mentioned how much i love it? sometimes it just takes a little thing........


Diana said...

I love it also! I heard they were easy to care for too. I'm going to try one someday and hope I can keep it alive. Although I just killed a sugar vine and that's supposed to be pretty tough to do. I guess I've just found something I'm good at.

kristin said...

so pretty! i love airplants :)