Thursday, December 22, 2011

christmas crafts

we wanted a wreath to hang over the fireplace this year but had a hard time finding what we had in mind. so i made one. it was way easier than trying to look for one to buy!

get wreath ring from craft store. wrap tinsel garland around it. affix a couple vintage ornaments and some sparkling flowers.

hang from ceiling and enjoy!!

i also made a snowy home for my favorite little fawn that was brought back from australia. he has been living in various terrariums that have failed, so i figured this was a safe bet, no watering required!


Dani said...

Looks great! I made one out of holly (ouch) . I have the same little glass deer as you!Bought it in Whistler.

Claudia said...

This is awesome! I'm too late for this year but I might get the material that I need at boxing day and make one in advance for next year. I wanted to write you a little email asking you how things went with West Coast Alice but procrastination is a good friend of mine ;) Anyway, have a lovely Christmas with your family. xox

Beth said...

Gorgeous! I'll be making this wreath next year. Your little fawn in his winter wonderland makes my heart melt a little delightful!