Thursday, February 17, 2011

new linen

i'm under the weather so this stack of linen will have to wait to be washed and pressed. (i love preparing new fabric, although with a foggy head, not so much....)
it's almost the weekend so i hope i start to feel better. i hope you enjoy yours!

Friday, February 11, 2011

i'm trying something new

happy friday!

i have listed some animals in the shop but this time there is a little difference. i am now listing animals that i have made and are ready to ship (as usual) but i am also listing animals that are made to order. meaning, you place the order and i make it. i figure they can take up to two weeks to complete and ship, but i will do my best to have to done sooner. hopefully this way there will be a little more choice and i hope to find a nice balance between keeping my shop somewhat stocked and working on store orders.

ready to ship

each listing will be marked in the description whether it is ready to ship or made to order and it will be grouped into either section, if you use the 'sections' tool in the left hand column. easy peasy.

have a great weekend!