Thursday, March 24, 2011


it has been a rough couple of weeks. after watching our dalmatian, sara, slowly age over the last couple of years, she really took a rapid decline and after much bedside care and many tears, we had to put her to sleep last week.

she was such a wonderful dog with a beautiful and unique personality. she was more than just a pet to us, she truly was a strong member of our little family. my husband took her to work with him for so many years and then once i started to mainly work from home, about 4 or 5 years ago, she was never more then 6 feet away from me.

she never learned how to play fetch and didn't get along with too many adult dogs (she preferred puppies. and babies.) but she loved going on walks with us. and sitting with us at the park. and just being anywhere we were. she loved having her 'pack' together. that was when she was most relaxed. just the three of us.

she was a little prone to injury and sickness but was always such a trouper at the vet, never making a fuss and always putting up with whatever contraption was needed. read: multiple sizes and types of cones, boots, leg wraps, multiple head wraps, large t-shirts, gruesome stitches, a near amputation etc.

she had such a caring and observant personality. if voices were raised she would get concerned and start to shake. if tears were shed she would instantly wake up (if sleeping) and come over to try to help console by licking and pressing her body into you. if sickness struck she would be extra good and always watching.

i miss her with my whole being. i guess with pets you get used to being in a routine and that is what i'm struggling with the most. as the daily routine goes on, it really emphasizes just how involved in our lives she was. waking up, leaving the house, coming home, dropping a scrap while cooking, watching tv, saying goodnight, they are all constant reminders that she is gone.

we feel fortunate we had so many good years with her. she held on until she was almost 14. we have a ton of photos that we've been pouring through (over 1100 on the computer alone) and videos which remind us of the good times. we love and miss her so much. she will always be in our hearts and thoughts. and always a part of our family.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

shrove tuesday

i almost missed it! i won't be eating pancakes today, but i will have this song on repeat in my head. i first saw it on dooce like a year ago or something and every now and then it gets stuck in my head.
these kids are rad.
and i too like that flapjacks don't talk smack.

Monday, March 7, 2011


i've really been enjoying watching my orchids re-bloom over the last few weeks.

i've had the small orchid for at least 3 years now. a gift from a sweet friend.

i'm truly shocked they keep coming back each year, since all i do is water them once a week. that's it. and cut the stalk back once the blossoms are gone. i hope that's what you're supposed to do, cause i am.

is there a trick to make them rebloom twice a year or am i pushing my luck? i like the pop of color in an all white bathroom.