Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a first!

it was my husband's birthday last week and i thought that perhaps it was time that i actually baked a cake (after all my talk back way back when, and even after this cake-i barely had anything to do with it!)
my first cake!! it was a guinness cake, which i thought fitting since he loves the dark stout, with cocoa and a cream cheese frosting to resemble the frothy head of a pint of guinness.

from this recipe (which i think is actually a recipe from nigella but slightly re-worded.)

once it was finished i thought it could use a little dressing up, so inspired by the fabrics i've been using lately (for the aforementioned quilt) i made a few mini flags. using pinking shears, regular old glue and a few bamboo skewers they were ready in about 30 minutes (drying time included).

it was rich and tasty and fun to do for him. happy birthday!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

soon-to-be quilt top

squares washed, pressed, cut and ready to go for another quilt top. i really love these colors together.

Friday, June 17, 2011

makin' stuff

i made a receiving blanket a little while ago for the baby out of some  nani iro double gauze and backed it with some robert kaufman flannel. really easy to make and i think it will look nice in her stroller. (and keep her warm!!)

i also made a few baby rattles from a pattern in this book. they were quick and fun too. it's a great book and there are some clothing patterns like a simple dress and bloomers that i wouldn't mind trying, once i get up the nerve. i've never sewn any clothes before and it intimidates me. has anyone else made anything from that book? any tips?

happy weekend!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

go bananas

we made banana whoopie pies and i have eaten almost all of them. good thing i'm all about the dresses and drawstring pants these days!

ours turned out looking a little more......er, rustic then martha's due to a too small piping tip, but they still taste great. and the recipe was super easy too!

Monday, June 6, 2011

little bits

finally getting around to washing some baby clothes. so tiny.
a lovely present of some limited edition heath ceramics (our favourite. very slowly building a full dinnerware set.) available locally at provide.
i am starting to really have to look to find my feet. that's okay, they are too swollen to be looking at anyway. (or wearing these sandals anymore...)

hope you had a lovely weekend filled with sunshine. we finally did!! i hope it sticks around a bit.