Monday, October 31, 2011


i hope you are having a very happy (and spooky) halloween!

this is alice's first. we kept it simple by using one of her sleepers as inspiration. i made a quick mask out of a linen scrap and a money bag and voila! a baby bank robber.  (the mask lasted all of five seconds on her)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

pumpkin patch

we took alice on her first visit to a pumpkin patch on the weekend in preparation for her first halloween. fun times! we went to southlands farm and it was perfect. not big, or crowded. easy to park, manoeuvre the stroller and wasn't bogged down with water from the rain we've been having. i didn't even know this place existed in the city! i think we'll be back.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

lotta love

i found out a few days ago (i'm a little behind i guess) that lotta jansdotter is releasing a new line of quilting weight cotton from windham fabrics! whoohoo! it's called 'echo' and i'm loving the blue/grey/mustard combo. i just placed an order through purl soho and i'm excited to see them in person.

i was lucky enough to snag this stack of her older prints from when my friend leslie had her shop in japan. they are in great muted colors and are a heavier weight, but i'm thinking maybe they could be blended with the new fabrics and made into a large quilt top for our bed like the one in her handmade living book.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


we planted a tomato plant in may, perhaps a little late? it was called 'lemon boy'. i was really looking forward to fresh tomatoes all summer but we had such a lousy one, that this was our bounty from the plant.

yup. this little bowl of four, small tomatoes. picked on the weekend.
thanks summer.

has anyone else had any luck with this type? i loved the name and had high hopes.

(in all fairness, it could also have something to do with our exposure, and that we didn't water it super regularly once the baby was born. but i think i'll still blame summer.)

Friday, October 14, 2011

how did that happen?

is it really mid-october? did i really have a baby in july? was my last post really in august? yup, i've neglected this space. and reading other blogs. but i'm fixing to change that.
we've been out alot this week and i'm proud to say that yesterday we walked to the grocery store, i did laundry, had a shower, cooked dinner last night AND made a banana bread! i will admit that today i'm exhausted and still in my pj's (it's getting on to noon) but whatevs. one day at a time.

i even managed to take a few photos today. latte and banana bread? check.

sweet little lady bouncing away while i type? check.

(those googly eyes look like how i feel today.......)

(and a BIG thank you for all of your lovely comments of support and congratulations for alice being born. they were all so sweet and it really means alot to me!)