Tuesday, April 24, 2012

custom quilt

i recently finished a custom quilt order for a lovely customer in florida.

she wanted it in the style of this quilt, which i am naming 'the scarlet quilt' since it is the first one i made like this and it was for baby scarlet. i did make up this pattern myself, although it's nothing new- it's a take on a coin quilt.

i like having the back in a solid fabric.

she picked out all of her fabrics from choices i had emailed her to coordinate with the baby's nursery. she did a great job! it's washed and has that great crinkly-quilt feeling to it.

now it's been mailed and is awaiting the arrival of it's new little owner. i can't wait to see a picture of the quilt in it's new home!


Vintage Home said...

Love the colour combo and the sweetness of it all!

hannahip said...

Love the quilt! what size is it? crib size?

kate / tinywarbler said...

thanks ladies!
hannahip- yup, it's a crib size, this one ended up at 40.5" x 33".