Wednesday, September 5, 2012

new sunhat would appear that this blog has become about all things baby. that certainly wasn't my intent - i used this space to touch base (albeit sporadically) mainly with what i'm working on. however, it seems that almost everything i now do or make is about or for the baby, so........
i recently made alice a new sunhat from the book little things to sew. it seemed daunting to me at first but was actually fairly easy once i got started and read the instructions!

i used essex yarn dyed in denim for the one side and a cute polka dot for the underside. it is a reversible pattern but i added a velcro chin strap so that alice won't throw it off in seconds....although she still tries sometimes.

i can see making many more of these as she gets bigger! in different fabrics and colors. and maybe even trying to make one for my giant head, no hat ever seems to fit.
i'm hooked.

and thanks for the quilt love! i had a lot of fun piecing those together and was happy with the finished result.


anabela / fieldguided said...

Eeee look at those little feet!

Such a cute hat!

Holly said...

That's adorable! I've seen lots of people post about this pattern and have wanted to try it. Good idea to add the strap, my daughter loves to rip her hat off her head!

Pinecone Camp said...

Alice is so flipping cute. Your hats are pretty cute too. I'd like a really large one please.

odd and old said...

enjoy this everything baby phase
it passes so darn quickly...
[my son told me he was a man yesterday/18 - still secretly my baby! sssshush]x ... ***
{love your stitched up creations}