Friday, September 21, 2012

the nursery

well, it only took a year but i finally got around to taking some more pictures of alice's nursery. 

we haven't changed too much since she was born, although we did have some drapes made so she could nap without the blazing sun, and we added a light fixture.

at 10 x 10, it's a cozy little space for alice to sleep and play. we didn't have any sort of plan when it came to making a nursery. we just kept it kind of neutral and then the pieces that we got all seemed to have some sort of red or pink shade. it's a little bit of a mish-mash but it made us happy.

we actually already had alot of the items that are now in her room, like the eames rocker and vintage lamp. it casts such a pretty pink glow when reading her bedtime stories.

the vintage teak dresser is perfect now for lots of storage, but as she gets bigger and needs more play space we will probably move it to our room and get her something a little smaller.

i loved this bear print when i saw it! it's from a local company called banquet and their work has been all over the interweb, i'm sure you've seen them. talented ladies.

i made this teddy bear years ago as a prototype. alice loves to hug and stand on this guy, he also gets thrown out of the crib alot, as do all of his buddies.

a simple white bookshelf to hold some of her books and toys. the baskets are filled with soft toys that she can pull out on her own and play with.

some of my wooden russian nesting dolls that are high out of reach until she is older! (same goes for the   dominos and the muji NYC set......)

a sweet gift from a friend hangs near her door.

and of course she has to have some tinywarbler animals scattered around! wink.


Heather said...

Alice’s nursery is absolutely perfect. I was too tired and overwhelmed–both during and after pregnancy–to make such a lovely space for my first-born. I imagine if I had done it, it would have looked very much like this!

kristin said...

beautiful room!

Joanna said...

oh, it's so sweet... just perfect.

Georgina said...

Hi Kate! Lovely nursery. Out of interest do you find the Eames rocker comfortable enough for nursing? I am thinking of getting one for our nursery as space is limited to can't fit in a lovely big squashy chair! This seems a lovely but stylish alternative!

kate / tinywarbler said...

thanks everyone!
hi georgina- i do find it works, but i have to use a sheepskin and pillow for sure. also, i wasn't using it for when she was little and i was nursing all of the time, but once she was about 11 months, it seemed to work great.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, oh my.....! I love it all. Where is your rug from? It's perfection x

Anonymous said...

It is not safe to hang anything over your child's crib...if that fell on her, she could be killed by the weight of the picture and shards of glass....just a thought....

kate / tinywarbler said...

thank you for sharing your thought, although i will point out that the crib was pushed against the wall only for photo purposes. my daughter's safety is always forefront in my mind and i would choose it over design or aesthetic any day.
her crib has always been, and still is, a few feet out from the wall for this very reason. it would look silly in a photo but is practical in real life, since the frame would not be able to fall off the wall and also 3 feet out to the side to land in her crib. it has been anchored on the wall and is very difficult to even move. and, as stated on ikea's website, the frame uses polystyrene instead of glass for this size.

Anonymous said...

Where did you find the simple wooden frames hanging on the wall?

Claudia Bestor said...

Can you give some details about the drapery hardware? It's just perfect!