Tuesday, January 29, 2013


i am absolutely in love with this top i recently purchased by the super talented ilana kohn. it's a washed silk crepe de chine and drapes so nicely. just look at this print. i can't get enough of it. i know she did one in a beautiful green shade last spring/summer but this black/blue combo is so spot on for me.

i scored it from one of my favorite shops beklina. good lord, if i had an unlimited budget i could do some serious damage there! angelina carries some amazing lines and she also has the most amazing eye for prints- she designs the line lina rennell herself!
it looks like they are sold out of this print but they have it available in the teal rose print which is super pretty and on sale too.
oh, hi there!


leslie said...

hi pretty lady. i love your new top. and your haircut. and i hope your little A is well.

Diana said...

I love your hair Kate! And the top and everything else basically, the plant in the bowl/dish. Love it.

We need to hang out soon. I liked playing with those animal toys with Alice.

urducell said...

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